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What clients are saying
"As Stanley was preparing to leave yesterday, I quickly looked at your Invoice and wrote a check for that amount and gave it to Stanley as he departed.

After he had gone, I more carefully reviewed the bill and was quite surprised and grateful for the most generous discount you gave me.

I want to thank you for this and your courtesy, promptness and excellent service. Please convey this feeling also to Stanley."

-Jack Butterworth M.D.
        World Wide Web

Why does a company need a Web site?

•The U.S. online population has hit an all-time high: 73 percent of adults, or 147 million, now use the Internet according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
•According to a Pew Research marketing survey, in 2005, 93 million Americans use the Internet everyday.
•Use of search engines is now the second most frequent activity after e-mail.

When The Kelsey Group and studied the online buying habits of 5,582 Internet users in February 2004, they were surprised by the results:

•25.1% are seeking merchants “near home or work,” researching a local purchase or buying a local product or service.
•44% are performing more local commercial searches than last year.
•80% rated commercial search results as ”good” or “excellent.”
•64% reported search engines are better than yellow pages for finding commercial information.
•64% said search engines were the “main way” they find things on the Internet.
•71% used search engines seven or more times per week and 25% used search engines 30 or more times a week.

Web sites add value for your company and customer base:

•Web sites help brand your organization's name with custom Web site names
•Web sites create value for your customers. In fact, customers expect reputable businesses to share information about their products and/or services. With increasing frequency web sites are the connection between print and broadcast advertising and connecting with actual customers ready to purchase.
•Web sites make great referral mechanisms. Every customer loves to tell friends and family they got a particular product or service by rattling off the business' web site address. Web site referrals to friends and family are a prestige factor for the existing customer, especially with personal and health services.
•Web sites afford clients 24/7, worldwide access to information about products and services from anywhere and generate clients more likely to purchase at the point of sale.
•Web sites provide a flexible medium and deliver timely, detailed information to potential and regular customers versus static print ads and furiously-paced TV and radio spots.
•Web sites allow business owners to reduce time spent answering questions on the phone and overall advertising costs while the increasing the return on advertising investment and time spent on supporing final sales.

Factory7 has a complete technical, creative and project management team able to deliver quality, targeted Web sites. From original design and development, to redesigns of existing Web sites, ongoing maintenance, hosting and serarch engine optimization, Factory7 offers a complete range of Web site services.

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